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Years of experience in the field of exploration, extraction and exploitation of mines

Abroun Mines and Stone Group, under the management of Mr. Hosseini, is one of the manufacturers and suppliers of Tusi Marble, Arsanjan Marble, Diplomat Marble, Dehbid Gold Spider Marble. Abroun Mines and Stone Group has more than a decade of experience in the stone industry. And Iranian stone mines by employing experienced engineers and specialized miners, advanced mining equipment, has taken a big step in reducing waste from mining in Iran and by observing environmental points, has succeeded in obtaining various quality and environmental certificates. Extraction and exploitation of mines under the Abron Mines and Stone Group is done in accordance with international standards and quality certificates so that the final product can be used with the highest production efficiency in stone processing factories. Tusi Abadeh Mine, Arsanjan Marble Mine, Marble Mine Diplomat, Dehbid Gold Spider Marble Mine is one of the mines under the Abron Mines and Stones Group.


Mining machines


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Advanced processing line


High quality stone for export

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